The Benefits of Whole Grains

wheat_field-backgroundSince Sprout Momma is all about whole grains, I thought I would share a bit about the real benefits of grains, what they do and how great they are for body.

Most whole unrefined grains can be beneficial to your health, while refined grains, such as white rice, white bread and white pasta are devoid of most nutrients and fiber due to the refining process. These processed grains behave like sugar when you eat them, rushing into the bloodstream and causing havoc. This can result in blood sugar imbalances, sugar cravings, mood swings and weight gain. That’s why a healthy diet should always include the unrefined versions of grains — such is brown rice, amaranth, millet, Rye groats, wheatberries, buckwheats etc. Generally, the darker the color, the more unrefined the grain and the healthier it is for you. Here are some grains I recommend and ones we use daily at Sprout Momma breads. (Of course in the unrefined state, or better yet sprouted)!

  1. Amaranth: This grain is very strengthening to the lungs and beneficial when days of high pollution and high humidity inhibit  breathing. It is also very high in calcium and magnesium.
  2. Barley: There are two types of barley pearl barley and pot barley. Pot barley is the whole-grain. Go for the pot barley. It is sweet tasting and good for your digestion. If you suffer from indigestion, Barley  can make the difference.
  3. Buckwheat Groats: Buckwheat groats are gluten free, rich in and healthy minerals and are non-allergenic. If you are sensitive to wheat, this is a superb alternative for you. It contains a decent amount of protein, about 20%. They also strengthen circulation.
  4. Kamut: Kaman is closely related to wheat, but many wheat-sensitive people tolerate kamut. It  contains twice as much protein as wheat , more minerals, especially magnesium and zinc, as well as 16 amino acids and essential fatty acid’s too.
  5. Millet: High in iron, magnesium, potassium, the B6 vitamins and vitamin E. It supports the digestive system, improves nutrient uptake and is great energy booster as it supports the spleen, your energy battery.
  6. Quinoa: They say this is the year of quinoa everyone has discovered its health benefits. It contains all the essential amino acids and therefore a complete protein but  is much easier to digest then meat protein and has a far lower fat content than any meat you ever find.
  7. Spelt: Like buckwheat groats,spelt is loaded with minerals and protein , and strengthening to the organs. It is a tasty, nourishing alternative for those sensitive to wheat. Constipation, colitis and poor digestion are some conditions spelt can help. It’s the only grain that contains mucopolysaccharides which stimulates the immune system. It’s a good source of constant energy.

Sprout Momma uses all of these grains, either sprouted, whole or in sprouted flour, such as our organic sprouted ancient grain flour from Lindley Mills in North Carolina. We also incorporate organic sprouted wheat berry flour and sprouted spelt flour also from Lindley mills. I like to credit the mill because they do small batches which gives us the freshest flour.

I hope you will enjoy more whole grains!!