New Flour Has More Health Benefits

breadSprout Momma Breads is proud to announce that we are using a new key ingredient to our healthy breads — flour from Lindley Mills, Inc., from Graham, N.C. We are using their 100% organic sprouted spelt, 100% organic sprouted wheat and 100% sprouted ancient grain, which is a combination of amaranth, wheat, quinoa and millet.

So, what’s the big deal?

Lindley Mills is known for their proprietary blend of Super Sprout, a unique process for sprouting and milling whole grains. Sprouting enhances the nutrition and digestibility of wheat. The body sees sprouted wheat more as a vegetable than as a grain and allows for higher water absorption and enhanced nutrition.

From Joe Lindley, president of Lindley Mills: “Super Sprout sprouted wheat flour is revolutionary because is it the ‘live’ viable wheat seed, stabilized and milled into a bakeable, flavorful, nutritionally enhanced whole grain. In my opinion, one of the next branches in the evolution of that as a food source is to utilize the more complete nutritional potential of wheat by letting it fulfill its true destiny and sprout.”

Lindley Mills was established in 1755 on Cane Creek in Graham, North Carolina. The mill was the site of the Battle of Lindley’s Mill during the Revolutionary War. The Lindley family owned the mill for 100 years. Two hundred and 10 years after its inception, the Lindley family restored the mill and began to produce flour again. For the past 36 years, the mill has been grinding organically grown grain and is operated by ninth-generation Lindleys.

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