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Join Hilton Head Distillery and Sprout Momma for a special Valentine’s Day dinner from 5-7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 14th. The cost is $27 per person or $50 per couple. Make reservations by 4 p.m. Feb. 12 by calling 843-686-4443.

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Sprout Momma Featured on ‘Eat It and Like It’

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By Jesse Blanco

Kim Tavino and her son Ryan Fennessey have sprouted an empire – literally. Like the launch of many successful businesses, the idea of Sprout Momma Breads germinated around a kitchen table. Kim, who has owned restaurants in the past, is a personal trainer and encourages her clients to eat nutritious bread containing sprouts.

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You’ve seen their bread at farmers markets, now you can buy it at their first-ever shop on Hilton Head

By Teresa Moss

(Published by The Island Packet)

Sprout Momma Breads has started serving up its local artisan loaves from its new location at 21 Cardinal Road, Suite 105, off Beach City Road.

The mother and son team, Kim Tavino and Ryan Fennessey, opened the shop Monday after success in selling their products at local farmers markets.

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Sprout Momma Breads rolls into bigger kitchen on Hilton Head Island

(Published by The Island Packet)

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Sprout Momma Breads, a local artisan bread company usually seen at area farmers markets, has made the bread and is prepared to spread to a new location.

A seasoned tenant at the Piggly Wiggly kitchen in the Coligny Plaza, Sprout Momma Breads will open at its new location at 21 Cardinal Road, Suite 105, off Beach City Road on the way to the Hilton Head Airport, according to a post on the company’s website.

“Over the next month, we’ll be waiting on permits, knocking down walls, installing equipment and generally making the place pretty for everyone,” the post reads.

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The Benefits of Whole Grains

wheat_field-backgroundSince Sprout Momma is all about whole grains, I thought I would share a bit about the real benefits of grains, what they do and how great they are for body.

Most whole unrefined grains can be beneficial to your health, while refined grains, such as white rice, white bread and white pasta are devoid of most nutrients and fiber due to the refining process. These processed grains behave like sugar when you eat them, rushing into the bloodstream and causing havoc. This can result in blood sugar imbalances, sugar cravings, mood swings and weight gain. That’s why a healthy diet should always include the unrefined versions of grains — such is brown rice, amaranth, millet, Rye groats, wheatberries, buckwheats etc. Generally, the darker the color, the more unrefined the grain and the healthier it is for you. Here are some grains I recommend and ones we use daily at Sprout Momma breads. (Of course in the unrefined state, or better yet sprouted)!

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Amber Waves of Sprouted Grain



(Published at Hilton Head Monthly Magazine)

Bread has long been a contentious issue. Iconic cookbook author Julia Child once asked, “How can a nation be called great if its bread tastes like Kleenex?” James Beard echoed her sentiment: “Bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods, and good bread with fresh butter the greatest of all feats.” Bread aficionados are constantly in search of perfectly flavored loafs with the right amount of crumb, crust and chew.

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