We know the importance of using fresh ingredients from local markets. We create breads using our own special plant-based sprout recipe blend that your body processes like a vegetable. They are easy to digest, increases absorption of minerals and provides more antioxidant in-take.

Sprouted wheat berries are very low in saturated fat and sodium. They are a great source of magnesium, manganese and selenium.

These minerals are a health imperative, especially for postmenopausal women with osteoporosis who want to hang on to that precious bone mass. They also support healthy muscle regeneration.

Sprout Momma breads are all of this and more:

  • They increase mineral density of spinal bone
  • They prohibit the activity of free radical in the body
  • They control sugar levels
  • They maintain thyroid health
  • They serve as a remedy for spasms, sprains and inflammation
  • They aid in absorption of vital vitamins
  • They are essential for healthy functioning brain


Kim Tavino

I credit sunny Hilton Head Island for introducing me to the food business. I moved here in 1979, and worked at one of the local seafood restaurants. By 1982, we opened the second Italian restaurant on Hilton Head, called LaPola’s. With a lot of hard work, we made the restaurant a success, and by 1992, we added a seafood restaurant called Kingfisher.


Ryan Fennessey

I am deeply, extraordinarily obsessed and consumed with BREAD. This simple, old-fashioned five-letter word courses through my veins, keeps me up all hours of the night and enlightens my spirit.

My story with food actually begins when I was a baby. My parents owned restaurants on Hilton Head Island in the ‘80s. While balancing me on her hip, my mother seated guests and hurried waiters and busboys.